I am Kathleen’s partner of 25yrs.  She is my best friend and love of my life.  I am trying to help her as best I can get through her battle with Duodenal cancer.  She was diagnosed with it back in April of 2012.  I thought I would write about it here to keep friends up to date as well as just write to help myself get through this very shitty time.  Dont believe the pamphlets. Cancer is not fun. In fact, it really sucks.
We also have a Picasa web site with pics from here and there from when we didnt have everything mediated through the cancer bubble.

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  1. Stacee Forrester ⋅

    Hi Kath and Mike,

    It’s Stacee here, Drew’s friend….and I well, I have very much felt a part of your family in many respects throughout the past 19 years so I want to extend my very biggest hugs and warm thoughts to you both during this very difficult journey.

    I have a lovely photo of you Kath, when you and Drew came to visit me way out in the boonies….and I mean boonies where I was at in that time just after Isobel was born, right! But in all that, it was a lovely to have you and Drew come to the house and have lunch and then the trip to Westport and to the studio tour up to Brian Manthrop’s (spelling?) property where they have that lovely garden and very great off the grid home. That was a great day for me – to have you and Drew come and visit Isobel and I. Isobel still remembers that day, if you can believe that, since she was only about 2, but she has the most amazing memory and that was a great day. So, thank you.

    So, in this moment in time, I send you lots of love, warm thoughts in the best way I can and I look forward to being in touch.

    You are loved by many,

    Stacee and Isobel

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