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Thank You

I really cannot express how much the support and love, and caring and kindness that so many of you have shown us means to me. I truly have felt part of a close and wide community of support. Thank you everyone who walked along with us during Kathleen’s life with cancer.

Thank you also for those of you who read of our journey, of our story. A friend of mine described our blog as a love story. Thank you, that is an honor I will gladly claim. Looking back on my life with Kathleen was amazing. We truly brought out the best of each other, and kept the worst at bay. We shared sadness and happiness in our lives. We were there for each other in our individual trials, and we were there together in our collective challenges. We laughed a lot. We all know our lives are finite, but its always hard when it becomes history.

Yesterday, was very much an important ritual for me. Before the service, I chose to walk to the funeral home by myself and got there well before everyone. It was a knee buckling experience coming into the empty room and seeing her Crazy Daisies urn next to the photo of her where she looks like the Queen of Belgium. It was an important milestone and marker in this part of my road as it was very symbolic as the proverbial final fork where our paths diverged. But who knows, perhaps we are like King and Weber St., which run parallel but meet 3 times 🙂 There, I will end this, the final blog entry, with a Waterloo smile.

Thank you


About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

9 responses to “Thank You

  1. Pennie Bickerstaff ⋅

    Mike you will forever remain in my thoughts and prayers. Brother you did the best that could be done. I know Kathleen is showering down kisses on you.

  2. Teresa ⋅

    Kathleen was an amazing women and will be greatly missed. Mike you too are an amazing person and I also believe that your paths will definitely cross again, this time for eternity. There is no way Kath is going to let her good man get away. Thank you for sharing yours and Kathleen’s story, the trials/tribulations and the obvious love you two shared with all us.

  3. jacquie ⋅

    thank you…much love and hugs to you and your family

  4. Karen Gee ⋅

    Your blogs most certainly were a love story, incorporating devotion, courage, steadfastness and, despite everything, humour. I struggle to imagine what your life has been like these past 15 months but you have come through it with such grace and dignity.
    I will always remember the summer (winter sometimes too) evenings we spent at Empire, walking and talking with Denby and Willow. These memories I will treasure.
    Thank you Mike, take care.

  5. judy ⋅

    Dear Mike,
    I still want to say Dear Mike and Kathleen, a true love story.
    Love Judy

  6. anne paterson ⋅

    Mike, yesterday was a beautiful testament to Kathleen, yourself, Elaine and Jan. I’m truly thankful that I was able to attend. Mike you were amazing in greeting all that came. ( you should have had a stool for all us short people so that you didn’t have to bend over so far – oh your achy back) I didn’t know what to say yesterday and I hardly do even now, but I’m so glad to have known Kathleen and to have counted her as a friend. You became a friend through her as well. You’re going to find that you have a lot of time on your hands. I hope that in time, you find great things to fill those hours. Friends to walk and talk with, family to spend evenings and weekends with. And mostly I hope you find peace knowing that Kathleen is now free of pain and watching over you and yours. Take care. Big hugs to all.

  7. Colleen and Terry ⋅

    Dear Mike,

    We saw you walking alone as we drove up the back way to the funeral home. It reminded me of the strong and brave warhorse walking along without his faithful Braveheart in the saddle. But your faithful companion, Kathleen , I agree too, will follow you along any path you walk along in the future, in her wondrous spirit. I often referred to your story as a Great Love story as well. It’s been an honour to follow your beautiful story with all of you. What a beautiful ceremony it was! Thank your for sharing your journey of love with us. Colleen and Terry

  8. jsf ⋅

    I want to say thank you to you for sharing this story.

    You truly captured the horrible and the beautiful that is battling cancer side by side with someone you loved unconditionally.

    It was an honour to read your very well written words.


  9. Stacee Forrester ⋅

    Hi Mike,

    I just wanted to say that you are an amazing person and I do hope that your are okay – and I know that is a loaded couple of words, being okay…but just please know that there are people thinking and feeling about you, and loving you,
    hugs to you

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