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The Next Nine Months

I’m still digesting all the information we received on Tuesday from the oncology team.  But what I quickly realized was that I’m looking at eight to nine months of treatment…  Radiation and chemo-light begins next week, runs for five to six weeks; one month break is advised after that; then the chemo-heavy starts in earnest, for six months!  To be honest, its pretty scary!

Another thing I realized was that some very sick people go to the cancer centre – I caught a glimpse of some of them  when I went through the chemotherapy area for my blood work.  Up until now, I’ve been quite detached from the cancer side of this diagnosis, since I’ve been focused on the surgery recovery.  Up on 6D, I didn’t see the hair loss, the weight loss, the ravages of cancer treatment.  That’s potentially going to be me.  And since I’m being honest, that’s very scary too…

In contrast to these realities, I have received so much love and support from everyone that I know I’ll get through all the scary stuff!  Thank you all.

7 responses to “The Next Nine Months

  1. You can do it! Think of the shit you have been through so far and have beaten! There will be more low points, but you will get more good times too…. and we will all work hard to make sure the good outnumber the bad

  2. Maureen ⋅

    Kath remember, it’s the chemo that can often make people look sick, not the cancer itself. No one looks super healthy when they go bald, but that’s the chemo drugs at work, kicking cancer’s butt! All in all, I went through about 9 months of chemo alone through my two separate sessions. You just need to get through it, take care of yourself, do whatever makes you feel good, eat whatever makes you feel good. You’ll look back and if your memory is as bad as mine (did anyone warn you about chemo brain?…), you won’t even remember much about it.
    Sending positive vibes your way and much love,

  3. Diane ⋅

    yes scary and shitty.
    there’s a sign outside a first christian reform church that I run by regularly and for the last 2 months it has read ‘the story we find ourselves in’ every time I see this I think of you and that this is not the story you had expected to find yourself in but you are doing your very best in the circumstances. you are one tenacious tough sweet human bean

  4. judy ⋅

    Hi Kathleen and Mike,
    9 months of treatement does seem like a long time. But it’s already been 2 months since April 20 and here you are today successfully over a miraculous operation. I still marvel at the techniques of modern medicine.
    You have a strong immune system. Remember you didnt miss school as a child. I was always impressed by that.
    The chemo will be difficult and scary but you’ll forget it once the cancer is gone.
    Love Judy

  5. Teresa ⋅

    Kath – I am sending all the thoughts and prayers from all the Turcottes up here in Ottawa. You always were a strong person so I am sure that you will get through this also. Take care and know that I am looking forward to seeing you as soon as you are willing and able.
    Love Cuz, Teresa

  6. Jill ~ Ottawa ⋅

    Dear Kathleen,

    I just want to let you know that we are thinking of you and Mike and hope that you will get lots of wonderful care and compassion as you begin your treatments and your journey to wellness. I also wish to pass on very best wishes and hugs from (Aunt) Pat. Like us, she too thinks that you and Mike are very special people and we wish you all the very best.

    Big hugs and healing wishes,



  7. Jennifer Corbett ⋅

    You are strong… You are so loved…
    You will overcome- I know it!
    Just take it a day at a time…
    Hugs and wishes of comfort and courage,
    Jennifer xo

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