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Kathleen had a good day today! Normally, the low point of the chemo treatment is Sunday morning and she made it through the night without barfing even once. The usual chest pain (not her heart) came back again around midnight, but we had the tools to deal with it. I think being more aggressive with the dex as suggested by Dr. DeC (temp oncologist while main guy is away) as well as better managing her blood sugars helped a lot. She was feeling so good, that she was able to come out to the race to meet me at the finish line and snap a few pics! We even went out after for breakfast at the Dearborn with Elaine and our friend Jan from BC who is here looking after her aunt. After breakfast and the sugar crash, a nice 3hr nap! Good thing we set reminders for medical events in our smart phones as we would have slept through the chemo disconnect time!

Thank you to everyone for supporting me in this run! We managed to raise just under $3,000 dollars which is fantastic!
I of course had Kathleen’s name on the front, and I put my friend Maureen’s on the back. It should be on the back as she has left cancer behind her! Hopefully in a couple of years, Kath’s name will be there too!
Click here for more pics of the morning.

My business partner and friend Keith came out to run with me and give me support which was very much appreciated!

The route for anyone interested was The road part is not so nice, but the trail run by the river was very pretty.


About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

3 responses to “Run!

  1. Anne ⋅

    So great to see you all looking so strong at the finish line! Great sMILES 🙂 Mike so glad you had the crowd there to cheer you on…Kathleen wonderful for you to be there at the finish line with that brilliant smile.
    In a similar stride in a yoga kind of way I taught a class tonight at Kalyana for charity all donations going to Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario~ for Kids Cancer Research. My vibes were with you today many fold. Big hugs and much love to the awe inspiring duo. Hope to see you next w/e when in the K/W area, If I am so lucky 🙂

  2. Kristin ⋅

    The positive energy radiates through the pictures! Congrats on the run Mike! I can imagine how it must have felt seeing Kath at the finish line. I’m sure you were embraced with a BIG hug! You two are so lucky to have each other – keep smiling 🙂

    Kristin xo

  3. Lynne ⋅

    Congratulations to you both – Mike for raising the money and finishing the run; Kathleen for being able to be there and cheer him in!! Good, good, good! It is important to savour the moment, always.

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