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Day Pass from the Bubble

There are occasional times when Kathleen forgets she is in the cancer bubble. Its easier for me as the distractions of work take my focus away. But Saturday night was the ultimate day pass for her when we celebrated our 25th anniversary. It was truly wonderful for family and friends to come together like that to celebrate with us. Kath had been coming off a tough week with the nuelastim side effects and she just had such a low energy level. But Saturday night was simply beautiful. Good food, good music, but most importantly good company.
Its been a while since I have seen Kathleen so animated and happy. What a wonderful night indeed

Unfortunately, I didnt have any time to take pictures, so if anyone did, please email them to us at


About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

14 responses to “Day Pass from the Bubble

  1. jacquie and mike ⋅

    Mike and I were sorry we couldn’t make it to your party. you know we were thinking of you and sending all our love and best wishes
    jacquie and mike

  2. Richard ⋅

    Right on! Congratulations to you both on 25 years hanging out together. No mean feat that and certainly one to be celebrated. May we all be so lucky! xxx

  3. Jane Newman ⋅

    Congratulations Kathleen and Mike! A great milestone these days. Hope you had a good day and many more years together!
    Jane Newman

  4. Maria ⋅

    This makes me soooo happy to read this!!!!

  5. Stephanie Filsinger ⋅

    You guys look too young to be married for 25 years! Kathleen, you look great and congrats on the 25 years. Thinking about you.

    Stephanie Filsinger

  6. Lidia ⋅

    Wow 25 years that is huge you both look great. Congratulations Mike & Kathleen.


  7. Catherine Bolger ⋅

    Many congratulations to both of you on your 25th! Looking great!

  8. Keith and Diane ⋅

    We had a lovely time Kathleen and Mike. Thank you.
    It was such a privilege to witness your love and devotion to each other.
    See you again soon.
    Keith and Diane

  9. Maureen ⋅

    Happy 25 years!! Gosh, I now feel very old. I remember when you both lived in the Huether…seems like not so long ago.
    Much Love,

  10. Terry and Colleen ⋅

    Thank you so much Kathleen and Mike for the wonderful time, it was such a very special evening so fitting to celebrate such a very special love! Hugs! Colleen and Terry PS Mike, your bride was glowing!

  11. ~ Jill ⋅

    Dear Kathleen and Mike,
    What a swanky and spectacular celebration. It is always a delight to be in your great company. Your sincerity, your down-to-earth ways and your pure love and tenderness for each other is so very special. How lucky and blessed we all are to be in your circle of friends. It was a very special and memorable night indeed and I hope you are continuing to enjoy the afterglow of such a special celebration. XXX

  12. Anne ⋅

    What a wonderful celebration of a wonderful couple! It was a magical evening. The venue stunning but not quite as stunning as the beauty in the red boots and her partner 🙂 We had such a terrific time in the great company of so many loving, and warm people, a true reflection of the two of you. Thank you again for including us we are so privileged to be amongst your great circle. Much love and great gratitude for sharing this special occasion. Big, really big hugs, Anne

  13. mybestfriendchasessquirrels ⋅

    I too regret missing such a celebrity event…but so did my companion ……ha, ha. My companion chases squirrels so you can imagine that his attendance was not required. You too must have married without your parents consent…..highschool sweethearts.

  14. Barb Philp ⋅

    Kath & Mike ; you sure know how to throw a party. What a treat it was to meet family and friends of such a dynamite couple.
    I am inspired by your devotion to each other. It is rareto see a couple so committed and so happywith their partners…..what a joy you two have been to my dear friend Elaine.I know she has been a rock to you .What a mom she is ! Love and hugs Barb

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