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More Scans

It’s hard not to get discouraged when you don’t get answers. They really are trying. She had a nerve capacitance test today to approximate any nerve damage in her spine. Seemed to be ok. Next test is a gallium neoplasm contrast. It takes a few days to infuse the isotope and then she will have the scan on Thursday
It’s used to find both infection sites as well as cancerous sites that are too small to show up in other imaging techniques. Main chemo doc this morning was still not certain as to what was going on. He suspected the lump on Kathleen’s back was not an abscess and the radiologist agreed. So in the end there was no fluid taken out as the ultrasound showed it not to be liquid. So what is it? Most likely the cancer further spreading. The one ‘good’ thing about that is radiation can at least kill the spot and bring pain relief if that is the main cause of the pain. But, the benefits of the radiation takes time. So to bridge that gap more pain meds. Some heavy duty ones. But she is able to sleep a little now.
Chemo is on hold for a couple of more days until the scan is done. It’s more important to confirm its not an infection and is instead cancer so as the determine the best course of treatment.

Regarding all the amazing pics people have sent over the last few days, we really appreciate it! Kathleen feels bad she has not been able to respond, but they really do bring a smile. So keep them coming! From the both of us, thank you so much! It’s a very big comfort to kathleen and i that so many people think about us


About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

3 responses to “More Scans

  1. Jill ⋅

    Dearest Kathleen and Mike, You both continue to amaze me with your incredible attitudes, your perseverance, your honesty, tenderness, wit and intelligent insight even in some heavy and very rough moments. Please know that an abundance of loving and caring wishes are being sent from my heart to yours.

  2. judy ⋅

    Dear Mike and Kathleen,
    Hope some answers are found with today’s tests to reduce the pain. Love from Cairo, Judy

  3. Colleen and Terry ⋅

    Hope today and Thursday brings the correct answer and the right treatment can begin to take place soon. Wish with all our hearts, relief comes. Heartwarming thoughts always coming your way! Love, Colleen and Terry

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