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Peeking Ahead…

We were to hear the results of the CT scan next week, but copies went to our GP, who kindly gave it to us. And the results ? Well apart from the color of the print and paper, its not black and white. On the very good news front, the mets in her lungs do not seem to be there any more!! Thats really good news! Also none of the existing nodes had gotten any bigger. The heptic duct and pancreatic swelling are still there, but no different in size. On the bad news front, it seems to have spread to her peritoneal cavity as there were evidence of Ascites. Thats potentially bad. The other confusing thing is that the radiologist (same one as before even) wrote, “a few small dense lesions in the bony pelvis are stable since the last exam”….. Ummm, what lesions?!?! There was no mention of them in the last report! If this is the case, this might be the cause of Kathleen’s awful back pain, which has been getting much, much worse again. Radiation in theory could zap that spot much like it did with the node in her neck and bring her pain relief. This would be good. The other new thing were “polyps in her maxillary antrum (Sinuses)” That could be something simple like the side effects / scaring from the Avastin…. So, what does that all mean ? Have to wait until next week. Like this crappy weather, its too grey right now. But, we are hanging onto the news about her lungs. Hopefully the rest will follow. Fights not over… Never is.
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About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

2 responses to “Peeking Ahead…

  1. Jane Newman ⋅

    Happy to hear lungs were clear! Let’s hope they can zap the pelvis and make you more comfortable! Hugs and smiles to you always! Jane Newman

  2. Colleen and Terry ⋅

    This is encouraging news! The treatment is working. Also hope too, that the source of Kathleen’s terrible back pain can be put to ret as well. As always, you are with us in our thoughts every day. Always cheering you on! Huge hugs! Terry and Colleen

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