Looking Over Your Shoulder, Out in the Open

I think one of the first Westerns I ever saw was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Somewhere in the middle of the movie, the two of them have to get out of town fast and they head into the bad lands of Utah. Huge expanses under a big sky. You are at the same time exposed and hidden in the enormity of the landscape. The two heroes would ride from ridge to ridge and then stop to look back. They scan the horizon in silence. Are they being followed ? A spec of dust on the horizon, is it them ? Just dust from the winds ? Have a quick watch. You will see what I mean.

I was thinking of that scene today when we met with the oncologist. After a week break from the chemo, Kath is scanning the proverbial horizon. Is the lymph node in her shoulder really bigger ? Is it because of the cancer ? The infection ? Maybe its nothing. It sort of feels like that scene. After all the efforts of the surgery, radiation and chemo — or Slash, Burn and Poison as Kathleen says, how could the cancer still be there. She has come so far, with so much effort, how is it possible there are specs of dust following her on the horizon?
Round 9 tomorrow. White Blood Cell count, platelets and kidney functions all passed so she is good to go. The doctor asked if she wanted to do just half strength to make it a bit easier. Nope, full strength. There are specs of dust on the horizon.