Chicken on a Bun

Its a great metaphor. You got your chicken and you got your bun. Simple. Its like the mini-speak of food. Today was a chicken on a bun day, where we felt like we were outside the bubble for a bit to enjoy some simple things again. Another dose of chasing normality. Up at the Waterloo farmers market with our good friend Jan from BC and enjoyed, yes, a bit of chicken on a bun. Just a few bites for kathleen, but its something. She even had the smallest nibble of an apple fritter. Afterall, you can’t go there without having one. Success. It didn’t even matter that by the end of the trip her stomach was reminding her that it was time to go back home to drip IVs and fighting nausea, we got a dose of chicken on a bun and it was very nice indeed

Who would have thought plain and bland could be so awesome

Amazing how looking at stuff, perks up Kathleen!!