Wake up, I have some crappy news for you

Kathleen is awake. Last night, after being unconscious for some 64 hours straight, she woke up. Just like that. At the time, we had no idea if she would stay awake, so I just dropped all the shitty news on her at once. As I sit here writing this, I ask her, “How would you characterize your reaction ?”… “Well, I guess somewhat stoically as I was not really surprised.” I would agree with that.

“What was it like waking up after 64hrs?”, I ask… “I had dreams several times about being woken up. I had many hands on my shoulders shaking me and saying my name many times…. Sometimes they were English and sometimes German. Ka-ta-leen…. Ka-ta-leen… Ka-ta-leen”… It sounds like these were ‘land of chocolate Germans’ as opposed to brown shirted Germans 🙂

My big worry was if she felt any pain and just could not verbalize it ? No she said. Not at all. Good.

Everyone, including the doctors are surprised at how well she looks today. A good batch of anitbiotics and 2 units of blood I guess help 🙂 The main chemo doctor had nothing new in terms of prognosis. He offered a little more clarity about the “new things going on in her lungs” in that he will review in more detail with the radiologist tomorrow to better understand the full implications and talk to us again.

Also the neurologist came by to let us know he is still working on things in the background. So as usually, lots of wheels turning on behalf of Kathleen. Really could not imagine anything more being done.

Its been a good day so far, so we will take that.