Lone Star

I feel I shouldn’t like anything about this building but I do really enjoy the design. Good architecture stands out and ‘says something’. Great use of space, lots of natural light– spacious but comfortable. It honors the past, but is not stuck in it. Where you enter, is an enormous wooden door that is supposed to evoke a traditional barn motif. Subdued in theme, so that if you think about it or its pointed out, you see it. Its not the hit over the head kind; its still contemporary and not kitchy.
There is also a subtle quilting theme throughout– more like stylish buttons on a jacket as opposed to the whole coat. Although treatment rooms have numbers (she is always in 4) they also have unique quilts for each. Kathleen is in “Lone Star”… Sounds auspicious if that means anything. Not sure why. Regardless, I like the name and the piece is very nice and it connects to one of my fav movies “Lone Star’ by John Sayles. So there you go

Longer day today than we thought. More problems with her picc line. Stuff goes in, but blood does not come out. Might be a clot at the end, or a split line so it will probably have to be replaced… But not today. Normal procedure is to do a chest xray to check positioning first, but she has had so many that she would probably set off radiation detectors at the airport. So blood draws via needle for a bit.

New chemo Dr today. Not sure if main guy is on holidays, or we got shunted over to her. Seems pretty competent. An Oncology prof at McMaster and I guess she covers during holiday season. The nurse asked if it was permanent. Really? Not sure. But she explains things well, so if it were, that might be a good thing. But then again she is not a GI specialist.

At UofW’s wellfit again. What a great program this is for Kathleen. She really does walk out feeling markedly better than when she walked in. The trainers who work with her are all super friendly and hearing her laugh and chat with them is… Well, its really good to see that. Its a welcome bit of ‘other’ as in anything other than cancer and cancer related matters

Fighting the Fatigue