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Fighting the Blues

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Back to work today for me and a nice day for Kathleen and Elaine together doing some simple things– going to the mall for a short trip, and washing the new Eddie Bauer order that came in the mail today. (6-8 weeks is a long thing of the past in this instant gratification age).

Still 3 bags of gravol today unfortunately and only a few hundred calories of food. But I think a little better emotionally today.  Doing these normal things help. Certainly for me, I have my work which forces me to focus on things outside the bubble.  For a bit.  But even better, we had a nice walk around the neighbourhood tonight for Orville’s evening outing.  We love this time of year.  Orville is by far a winter dog, but for us, this time of year is the best.  Something about walking under that thick green canopy dappling the evening sun in 30C heat is just so welcome after those dark winter nights.  We took our time, stopped and talked to our neighbours and just enjoyed the moment.  It wasnt “best night ever”, just nice.  But, its great to be able to be in that moment again and enjoy something simple again.

Tomorrow is the lung CT scan.  That can be one of the places it can go, so better take a good look.  Kathleen’s new radiation schedule is up too.  Back to the radiation on Thursday.  No sign of the chemo, but not sure if they just have not updated the schedule yet.  Also, a long 90min appt with the genetics people.  I guess there is some suspicion there might be a genetic aspect to this type of cancer.  No idea what to expect, but we will find out tomorrow.

Kathleen wants to say that she really appreciates all the emails and comments she gets.  She wants very much to respond, but her focus and energy is not quite there yet.


About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

5 responses to “Fighting the Blues

  1. Gabor ⋅

    Hi Kathleen,

    I’ve been reading these updates and talking to Mike about you. What you’re going through has really affected me. I know Mike is crazy about you so you have to pull through this. He needs you as much for his future as you need him right now.

    By next summer your trials and tribulations will be a fleeting memory as you two enjoy a great summer together.


    • Trudy ⋅

      Kathleen & Mike, I want to click a bright facebook “like” button after Gabor’s comment. The two of you are a very special couple. I hope the information from today’s scan and the genetics appointment is helpful good news for you.
      Hugs from Dunbar Rd.

  2. judy ⋅

    Hi Kathleen and Mike,
    You’re right – orville is a winter dog. Of course – all those fantasitc photos of him leaping and bounding in the snow. Snow walk at Sunnybrook when we were there in the last winter evacuation or grandpa’s 80th birthday. Email’s great but it will be nice to see you both in person in few days. closing down the apartment, xenon’s pet sitters arranged. transatlantic flight tomorrow.
    love Judy, Rob and Michael

  3. Jennifer Corbett ⋅

    Hi Kathleen,
    Just to let you know my thoughts are with you… Was so nice to read about some pleasant excursions of late and see some nice photos! Hope the lung CT went well today. Know how much you are in the hearts, minds, prayers, etc of so many- love you lots!!
    Jennifer xo

  4. tracy the dog walker aka Orville's servant ⋅

    Making a point to comment on all the updates, when you blog …its nice to see the comments…….so great that you two are sharing this……very intimate and engaging & interesting & heart wrenching and inspiring and enlightening and educating (big time!) and motivating. This is a hard thing to do ……and most could not be this forth coming. Many cheers.

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