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Have Gravol, will Travel

An interesting morning with the genetics person. Like the pharmacist, its always cool to meet people who are really into what they do.  She did a detailed family tree to see if there was any potential genetic component and she thinks there might be.  At least enough data to warrant further investigation.  Some details at NIH.GOV as well as the wikipedia entry for Lynch Syndrome.  Its actually a bit of an ethical minefield and the she was pretty good about raising some of the cans of worms it can open.  Kathleen wants to go ahead with it for sure as it might be able to help her biological siblings.  If she does have this genetic marker, some more aggressive screening for her brother and sister might detect some cancers very early when treatment would be a simple zap from a endoscopy or colonoscopy… But if you are ever faced with this decision, I highly recommend the quirks and quarks podcast at which talks about this issue in detail.

Morning started out with a bit of a twist.  Just as we were leaving for her chest CT scan, the vomiting started out of nowhere.  Not sure why as she had no food in her stomach as she had to fast.  So back in the house to get some gravol hung.  So it was gravol to go.  Literally, driving to the hospital while Kathleen is holding up her bag of gravol from the roof of the car.   Ran it a bit fast, so it would finish by the time we got there.  Then, flush the line in the parking lot, junkie style 🙂  But we made it on time.  She is a tough woman.

Had some more annoyances with the PICC line. This one seems to get blocked more often, so she had to spend an couple of hours at the center to get it unclogged.

Another big day tomorrow.  Restarting the radiation, perhaps the chemo ? Not sure.  And then  results from the bone scan.  We are a bit nervous, but trying not to think about it too much.

About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

One response to “Have Gravol, will Travel

  1. tracy the dog walker aka Orville's servant ⋅

    Very important stuff here….read & absorbed. Thank you two for sharing this life saving information and yes it is a big whole freaking can of worms……to say it mildly.

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