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Ummm, so what does that mean ?

Well, results from the bone scan and the CT and both are kind of odd.  We were hoping for a ‘clean win’ that we could savor into the weekend.  Obviously we were thinking the news would be either bad or good, not of the “Huh?” variety and thats kind of what we got.

Our first meeting was with the radiation oncologist to see if Kathleen was ready to resume treatment and he thought based on her general well being and blood tests, yes…. but he would differ to the chemo guy.  So once that quick meeting was almost over, we asked if he could tell us the results of the bone scan.  He didnt order it, but hey, why not ask. So, he opens up the laptop, starts looking through and says, “Spine looks clear. No tumours” …. Huge sigh of relief…. “But, you have two spots on your ribs” Spots?!?!? WTF!?!?!, “But they appear to be ‘healing spots’. Did you break your ribs sometime in the last 1-9 months?”…. Now that is bizarre.  We scratched our heads and could think of nothing at all.  Not even a fall, although Kath did slip on the ice in the winter a year ago, but landed on her ass…. Hmmm, ok.  A little more back and forth about what it might mean and he says dont worry, its ok.  Then, just as he is about to leave, I think why not ask about the chest CT from yesterday. Perhaps its done.  Sure enough it is.

So, Kath, Elaine and I lean forward as I ask, “So, what does it say?”…. “Lets see…. chest looks clear…” Yes!!!…. “But, there is an unknown mass on the head of the pancreas”…Head of the Pancreas?? WTF, that part was lopped off in the surgery. There is no head left”… “Well, its probably just the scar tissue from your surgery. Its highly unlikely you would have a new tumor in just 10 weeks”… Considering she has had any number of CTs its odd that there would be something there in a just a few weeks.  When we asked the other oncologist what it meant, he said he will get clarification with another radiologist as its odd they would refer to part of an organ that no longer exists.  Did they mix up someone elses’s CT ? Is there a new tumor on her abdominal wall ? But how could the guy/gal misidentify the location so badly.  There really is no head of the pancreas left. Or did they mean, on the part thats left has a new tumor.  Unfortunately, no answers until Monday when we meet with chemo guy again.

Hooking up the chemo took a bit longer than we hopped. There was a bit of confusion about where orders were etc, and its not something that is just on a shelf somewhere.  So that meant Kath was there the whole day.

So, here were are.  Back on the horse again.  Kath is sitting in front of me as I type, looking a little tired, but thats mostly from the gravol.  She attempted a rather large meal (chicken kebabs from our bbq with roasted potatoes) and it gave her a bit of nausea.  So before it got too bad, gravol.  So, some steps forward, but a new limbo until Monday.  Well, hopefully no longer than Monday.


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I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

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