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Team Pain!

Another amazing group of people today to help us at the Cancer Center.  This one specializes in pain and symptom management.  A nurse, a doctor and a resident.  All three, super people.  You can really tell when someone works a job as opposed to someone practicing a craft.  Kath is going through a rather rough spot again, and its helps so much to know that everything possible will be done to help manage these side effects of the treatment, or the impact of the cancer. 

Still no word on the confusing CT.  We asked the resident, and she went to look at the report, but it had not yet been updated.  Frustrating, but we appreciated very much her going to look.  Little things like this can make a big difference.  Not sure if they realize that, but I suspect they do.

Dr. had a real guru look to him.  Big beard.  He would be a UNIX King Nerd, if he were in computers with that beard.  The type of doctor who knows how to talk and convey confidence and trust.  Not in a condescending or impatient way, but just the right amount of gentle assurance in his voice. He answered all our questions, explained why he wanted to follow plan #2 and not #1,3,4, but if need be, there were other strategies in reserve.  

So more waiting.  We are both anxious about hearing about the CT. It wont be until Wednesday morning… at the earliest


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I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

3 responses to “Team Pain!

  1. Maureen ⋅

    great job on the blogging. i had been on vacation last week so was unable to comment. i really appreciate the detail you are putting in these updates. had my own CT scan today (just a follow-up)… with all the procedures i’ve had, i still find all the machines pretty creepy and even after almost a year of chemo/monoclonal antibody, i still have not gotten use to needles. never will i guess… i didn’t get a picc line, just an iv every week for almost a year. my veins are shot now.
    Send kathleen my best and really hope we can connect this weekend.
    much love,

  2. jan ⋅

    I have just been “reviewing” the last couple of posts, thank you for all that information! I’m thinking the ct and bone scan results need to be discussed with you by the radiologist, or other person who is most qualified to do so. As you mention, small things are important and it can be easy to misread info found on scans etc. Also, you could ask to look at the actual images, that is your INFORMation.
    The wait and see-ing must be so, so hard. It is completely understandable that our minds go into overdrive in the worry of all this. I am trying to send you a reminder of some in-the-moment breaths!
    love jan

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