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Still no Clarity

A pretty frustrating meeting. The scan was the correct one and there is a mass on her pancreas. Its not clear what it is. Could be cancer, could be fluid… Dr. keeps saying in a rather dismissive way that it would be unlikely its cancer as it would not grow that fast… Having heard the word ‘unlikely’ far too often in this whole trip, doesn’t exactly sit well with me. He said there was no easy way to get to that location to examine it in detail, so just ‘wait 2 months and see’… Don’t have a sense of him to know how thought out this plan of inaction is. It might be true. We see her other oncologist tomorrow as well as her surgeon. Those are all super short appointments so not too optimistic we can get any other details.
Off to another type of xray next. They are worried Kath might have a blood clot forming on her lungs. If so, she will need some blood thinners. Not really the day we were hoping for

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I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

One response to “Still no Clarity

  1. anne paterson ⋅

    I know that all three of you are very strong and this is all testing your strengths. Hang in there. The treatment is important. Answers will come. Focus on the bright beautiful day out there and sit down in the sun to enjoy it together for a few minutes. Time for a popsicle maybe…..

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