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What a good GP means

Just as we were sitting, waiting for Kath’s picc line to be de-clogged, out of the blue our GP calls on Kath’s cell. We have always had a lot of trust and respect for her and this phone call only blasted that home in spades. Not sure if she will ever know how much that little call / effort meant to us, just when we needed it most. But she just wanted to let Kath know she had been following all her blood tests as well as the various reports, like this achingly troubling CT scan. Long and the short of it is that she was really happy with the fact that her liver enzymes and all other blood tests were all excellent and her hemoglobin was finally going up too. As for the mysterious mass on her pancreas, she too was skeptical about it being cancer and it was more likely that it was a post op complication as its not unusual to have a cyst. But the expert to consult would be the surgeon, which we happen to be seeing tomorrow. Her reassurance and pep talk really meant a lot. Perhaps chemo dr can get some pointers from her on this aspect of medicine.


Just heard no blood clots in the lungs either. Quick pitstop at home for some gravol to go and off to UofW for her wellfit class

8 responses to “What a good GP means

  1. Keith and Lori ⋅

    That’s some good news! Kudos the super GP!
    And thanks for the realtime updates today! I might be wearing out the exclamation key on my keyboard! πŸ™‚

    Good luck at wellfit!

  2. Anne ⋅

    Thanks for sharing the great news…many sighs from Ottawa ….and can you hear us cheering too! πŸ™‚
    Really wonderful that you have a primary care provider who is on top of all aspects of her profession.
    Big hugs to you both and well wishes to Kathleen.

  3. diane ⋅

    so great to get this post after the last one. phew.
    sending good thoughts your way

  4. Judy ⋅

    Hi mike and kathleen
    A huge relief about the gp phone call and her thoughts on the mass. Good news about the enzymes and hemoglobin too. Jim and Amy send encouraging thoughts. Wifi in every room. On robs iPad which is unfamiliar.
    Love judy

  5. Maureen ⋅

    Again, thanks for all the posts and so glad you got that great call from the GP. can i see you guys on Sunday?

  6. lisa ⋅

    That is great news! Make sure you all (3) are taking good care. Lots of Love from Niagara on the Lake. Tall Ships this weekend.

  7. Jennifer Corbett ⋅

    Hurray! What a great post to read πŸ™‚ so glad for you…
    There truly are angels who walk among us!
    Thank God for this GP. Big hugs to you both,
    Jennifer xo

  8. Jill ⋅

    Hi Kathleen and Mike, Wow … I am so happy you have received some good news from your GP. It is certainly encouraging to hear you have such a professional and caring GP. Kathleen, it is uplifting to hear that the results of your blood tests; your liver enzymes and hemoglobin are positive. Yay!

    You are both doing all you can do and that is amazing! If I knew how to add a huge smiley face in this message, I surely would.

    Continued positive progress.

    xo Jill

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