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Indoor Day

Tried to get to Toronto to visit our friend Maureen who is in town for a couple of days, but sadly it was an “indoor” kind of day today.  She even dressed for the occasion hoping she could will her way out of it, but no luck. Day 9-10 of the chemo and radiation is supposed to be the start of the low point, and it is.  Kathleen had zero energy today and was vomiting from the moment she woke up. And after weeks of constipation, now diarrhea.  At least with former, you can travel, but with the latter… well, a 1hr car ride is no fun.  So spent most of the morning in bed and the afternoon resting in her chair getting caught up on a couple of movies.  On the plus side, the new scary drug does seem to be effective.  She popped one around 2pm and it did control things.  We worry a bit about over using our goto drug gravol as the side effects are manageable.  But its nice to have a number of tools in the drug toolbox.

She did in the late afternoon get a bit of an appetite back and then we tried a little walk around the block.  Had to pop a Zofran mid way, but at least no barfing 🙂  But you can see from the pic below, she is putting a brave face on it and trying to push through



About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

5 responses to “Indoor Day

  1. Jennifer Corbett ⋅

    Kathleen, you amaze me!
    Keep your chins up, both of you… Sending you love. Xo

  2. Colleen ⋅

    So true, you are amazing and made of such great stuff! You look amazing too! Colleen

  3. Lindsey Webster ⋅

    What a lovely dress! You are indeed so brave and I hope this week will be better than the last. Miss you so much Kathleen xo

  4. Maria ⋅

    You are truly amazing my tpn sista! I think about you everyday and miss you!! Hugs to you and Mike!

  5. Orville's BFF ⋅

    Such a poser, Kathleen…….you need to write some stuff down too….there’s some great wisdom behind that brave face ……or is ignorance truly bliss……whatever, I revel in my ignorance. Stopped by my house for more water and you came to mind so I jumped on the blog for an update…..(I agree …great dress, who’s your stylist?)……found a shadier area in the park with a bit of trail near the baseball diamonds… entertain your fur-kid in …..he likes it ….lots of people to stick his nose in places that are not polite….thank goodness people don’t greet each other in that way. See you later or I’ll call at you from the door if you are resting…..its a hot one out there….good day to relax & watch movies.

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