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“Hello, this is your Surgeon Calling regarding the new mass on your pancreas”

A voicemail from the man himself! Well, some optimistic news around that.  He talked to the radiologist as well as had a look at the scan.  This is a guy who has done many Whipple and GI procedures over the years so we trust his opinion / assessment.  He thinks its post op fluid or perhaps a small cyst, but he too doubts its more duodenal cancer.  He also emphasized, even if it was, the protocol we are doing now (chemo and radiation) is what we would want to do if it were worst case scenario.  So some welcome news.
Meanwhile, the nausea and cramps continue to be really bad for Kathleen right now.  She is down to 9 more radiation treatments before getting a month off to recover and prepare for round 2 when the heavy duty chemo concoction starts.  But she is pushing through and determined to get through 28 blasts. The TPN is keeping her weight stable as she is not really able to eat anything.

Also just want to say a BIG, BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has called, emailed, posted your thoughts and encouragements.  They really do help us get through this tough time.  Keep em coming when can, we love them!

About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

6 responses to ““Hello, this is your Surgeon Calling regarding the new mass on your pancreas”

  1. Catherine Bolger ⋅

    Thanks for sharing this positive news. If you head back up to Port Elgin, let me know so we can have you guys over for a campfire or something. My mom has a cottage on Acton Drive there and we spend quite a bit of time up there in the summer.

  2. Richard ⋅

    Glad Kat is still smiling that is the most important part of a fight with this vile disease keep positive and kicking the bad cells butts.

  3. Colleen and Terry ⋅

    Positive news for sure! Keep up this brave battle Kathleen, you are one amazing lady! Also the love you and Mike have for each other will overcome any obstacle, it’s so apparent. You have all of this and more on your side. And you are most welcome Mike, we follow along and think of you both everyday! Hugs, Colleen and Terry PS you are taking great care of her eh!

  4. Orville's servant and confidante ⋅

    Looks like Kathleen’s surgeon has “a thing” for her………calling like that….how cheeky. Honestly, what next….an impromptu visit …..I bet he has the best looking male hands you have ever seen. Its a relief to know there’s someone like him in your corner…..but I think you are the “deserving type” and your “type” attract good people……it also helps that your pretty….because they say people are attracted to pretty people… perhaps its not that your sooooo deserving….but that your pretty…… this makes me wonder … it your good looks or your good character ………maybe you have both and that is what makes people care so much……boy what a diiemna…….”being the whole package!”

  5. Marg Feeney ⋅

    Hello Kathleen, Thinking of you and missing you at work. Hang in there through the treatments; you are so strong I believe in you girl! Hugs to you and your team.

  6. Alice Nabalamba ⋅

    My dear Kath, my thoughts and prayers are with you, and Mike.

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