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Olympic Distractions

This had been a really rough week for Kathleen.  It seemed we were maxing out all our tools and nothing adequately controlled the un-ending nausea. Plus pain, plus cramps, plus chills.  We met with the pain management team on Thursday, and got some bigger tools to work with.  75MG gravol bags, more zofran, more domperidone, more, more more.  Her weight was steadily dropping this week too which was worrisome.  Not as fast as before, but still trending the wrong way.

So when good  days come, you take them.  Friday of course was the Olympic opening ceremonies which was a welcome distraction.  Pizza and beer for me and Jan, and perhaps a little bite for Kathleen ? Sure enough, a bite or two while she was glued to the TV. I think the distraction of the Olympics is a big help!   Still had to break out the gravol, but a couple of small slices went down and stayed down. Then a few bites of cantaloupe and  watermelon.  More Olympics, and a few more bites.  This morning, feeling a little better.  Still cramps, still nausea, but everything dialed down a bit for a change.  Some more melon and a little yogart for breakfast.  MUCH better.  A little more energy, so we took the opportunity to go to Snider Flats with Orville to see Kathleen’s favorite birds, the bank swallows.  She even had a bit of a Tim’s bagle in the car to boot!  So why is today better ? Who knows.  We will just go with it and enjoy it. It was a fantastic morning to be out with her, Jan and Orville enjoying those normal things again.


Where Orville wants to be!

About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

6 responses to “Olympic Distractions

  1. lisa ⋅

    So glad for your good day….keep em comimg. Small gifts go a long way! Orville I’m sure was happy that his family was together on this journey. Lots of Love Lisa

  2. Maureen ⋅

    Kathleen, you look so good in these pictures, one would honestly have no idea that you were going through so much. Continuing to send my healing vibes up your way. Sending much love,
    …and go Canada!!!

  3. Jill in Cambridge ⋅

    Dear Kathleen and Mike,

    If there is an Olympic medal for a couple who shows strength, brilliance, love, caring, determination and perserverance you would both be awarded gold ones. It was just fantastic seeing you today and Jan, too. Thanks for the amazing butter tarts, too.

    Hope to have the pleasure of seeing you again when time permits.

    Big hugs and great fondness,


  4. the lazy dog walker ⋅

    Orville looks like a creature of the black lagoon…….love Snyders Flats. We wouldnt recognize the good days if we didnt have some bad days. Yes, I agree….”the camera loves Kathleen”….she takes one good picture. “A gold medal goes to Kathleen for her high spirits and terrific dispositon”… cheesy is that….oh well. Thanks Mike & Kathleen for your candor…..most people have no idea what it takes to fight this disease…….unless you are in the bubble. My experience has been mostly with my immediate family ……”looking” into the bubble…..but it has humbled me beyond my expectations……and I expect in my lifetime….I will have more humbling to come.

  5. judy ⋅

    HI Guys,
    Great pics and good news about the sampling of food. Pizza is actually a complex food when you think about it. Something about the Olympics that is also addictively distracting. They all make it look so easy and effortless. Like you guys packing up your complex medical kit in the cooler for car rides. true Olympians.
    love Judy

  6. jacquie and mike ⋅

    Kathleen and Mike,
    Think of you often. love and hugs to you.
    you are in our prayers
    jacquie and mike

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