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24 responses to “28 Treatments Later

  1. jacquie and mike ⋅

    WTG Kathleen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. diane ⋅

    way to go Kathleen. love your glossy cover spread. with you all the way. Diane

  3. Lidia ⋅

    Hooray, you did it Kathleen and looked great on the cover of this months magazine lol. Mike love humor its much needed to keep fighting the fight “like a boss”

    Enjoy your break Kathleen and Mike

    Cheering you on ever step of the way

    Congratulations on making it through to level 28. I expect this is the level where secret super powers kick in. Let me know if you get x-ray vision ;-D

    Congratulations on reaching Level 28. I expect this is the level where your super powers are going to kick in. Let me know if you get x-ray vision. ;-D


  6. judy ⋅

    Yeah, show em who is the boss.
    Way to go!!!
    Love Judy

  7. judy ⋅

    Imaginative and funny Mike,
    Kathleen, you’ve gone through this great ordeal and you’ve come out similing.
    Love your nephew,
    Michael jr. jr.

  8. anne paterson ⋅

    I love how you have both kept your sense of humour ! Way to go Kathleen. Enjoy some time at home. Love the new cover girl for this month’s issue.

  9. Maureen ⋅

    Congratulations!! You rock!!!
    You kills me. Love the magazine cover idea!

    Much love and positive healing vibes from SoCal.

  10. lisa ⋅

    Way to go guys. Big hurdle, now a break. Honestly Mike, I could pee myself with your sense of humor. They say laughter is the best medicine….I hope Kath is getting lost of giggles with your writing. Love ya both

  11. Colleen and Terry ⋅

    Congrats!!!! Knew you would do it! What a cover story! It would make the big mags! You have crossed the finish line. Colleen and Terry XO

  12. Lisa & Nellie & Frankie ⋅

    Way to go, Kathleen!!! Love that photo Op! Can’t wait to see it on the big screen! Its been wonderful to follow along with the ups & downs of your progress through this blog. Thanks Mike!

  13. Keith and Lori ⋅

    Way to go! Congrats on getting through to the next level!

    Good job Mike on the magazine cover 🙂

  14. Sharon McConnell ⋅

    Yeah!!! Way to go Kathleen! I love the finish liine tape — what a great idea. Enjoy your break.

    Love the magazine cover — what are the celebs choosing??? Mike you’re awesome!

  15. Jill (and Pat) in Cambridge ⋅

    Dear Kathleen and Mike,

    You are the champions my friends! Congratulations and deep admiration for your strength, love and may I say fabulous humor. Lots of love coming through at this particular finish line. Keep up the amazing work and fierce spirit. Wonderful to see the smiles and the special supporters at the huge finish/accomplishment line.


  16. John Legault ⋅

    Dear Kathleen and Mike: Thanks for bringing my lexicon into the 21st century with new meanings for the word “boss”. I’ve checked out and you guys are definitely very boss in your tenacity. Your strength, courage, love, and humor are seriously boss examples for us all!


  17. the orville whisperer ⋅

    I nearly pee’d myself laughing at that cover and then felt so guilty but what the hell……thanks for “hamming it up for us” ……….but honestly, I still pinch myself everytime I visit Orville and see Kathleen …..she honestly does not let this get her down even when she is in tremendous agony at times…..she keeps smiling & making jokes……she’s the real deal, ladies & gents. Tough as nails with a heart of gold……..showing her “fans” how to live the good life when life has taken a detour.
    I always have a better day after my visit with Orville and his people. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Lynne ⋅

    WOO HOO!!! You rock, girl!!!

  19. Roseanna ⋅

    We are very happy to hear you are now a “boss” Kathleen.
    Steve told me this morning about your blog Mike. Very creative.
    Hope to see you on the street.
    Your neighbour,

  20. Alice Nabalamba ⋅

    Hi Kathleen. very warm greetings from Tunis (its 40-45C here.) Good job Mike, very brilliant cover. Who was that girl who used to advertise for covergirl? Well, she should just move over!

  21. Megan ⋅

    Congrats Kathleen! I knew you could kick this treatment in the butt!

  22. Stephanie Filsinger ⋅

    Kathleen – Just wanted to say that your UW (Propel) friends are thinking of you. Keep kicking cancer’s ass! You are an inspiration.

  23. Diane Warriner ⋅

    Congratulations Kathleen – what an acheivemrnt and Mike we love your clever use of humour.
    Keith and I will be home in Waterloo August 23, so we will be able to visit in person when you are ready for visitors.
    Looking forward to seeing you both then.
    Warmest wishes,
    Diane and Keith

  24. Muriel Omand-Naylor ⋅

    Congratulation Kathleen! what a marathon you have completed!
    I can only guess how therapeutic Mike’s humour is for both of you! Made me laugh out loud!
    Wishing you continued courage in the times ahead.

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