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10 Days After

Its been a bit of an up and down week. Last weekend was certainly a low point and things seemed to be getting better for a bit. But then this weekend has been pretty rough and feels like she is back to square one. Lots of cramps, pain and vomiting despite all the heavy antiemetics. And lots of fatigue. She has not felt this tired and sore before. Will have to engage the pain and symptom folks tomorrow to see what they think. Kath is due for another big CT scan some time in the next week or so. If you recall, there was a mass on her pancreas we need to check on. So the closer we get to that, the anxiety level will start to crank up. For now, we are not really thinking about it.

One of the “plus” things about all the radiation treatments I have discovered in retrospect is that it gives you a sense of progress. You sort of feel that with each treatment, you are “doing something” and you make “progress” because in simple terms, you click over that counter. Now that its all done, there is a lot more time to let your mind wander which can be a bad thing some times.

All the emails and posts really do help, a lot. Kath looks forward to each and every one so keep em coming. She loves to hear what everyone is up to while she is stuck in the bubble.


About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

9 responses to “10 Days After

  1. judy ⋅

    Hi Kathleen,
    It was fun chatting on the phone tonite. Hearing you laugh about ordinary things was very heartening. Almost forgot about the cancer bubble. Hang in there.
    Love Judy

  2. Hi Kathleen and Mike, You two are downright amazing! Your love, tenacity and strength through this is truly inspirational. Kathleen, I thought of you at the beach the other day as I headed out to Lake Huron for some R&R with girlfriends and my new puppy. Raffi had a ball of fun playing on the beach, running into and then scampering away from the waves, and digging a little pit under the beach chair where he could keep cool and not be seen. Little imp 🙂 I’ve attached a couple of pics. Hope they make you smile 🙂 Big, BIG, hugs! Valerie Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. “Remember that the greatest contribution that you can make is the aliveness that comes from simply being yourself, living your truth, and doing what you love. The passionate expression of who we are will heal the world.” ~Shakti Gawain “We can only be successful if we make lots of mistakes and are prepared to learn and grow from them!” ~ Robert Herjavec “Each day’s a gift and not a given right. Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind and try to take the path less travelled by…” ~ Nickelback “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.” ~ Henry Ford ________________________________

  3. Catherine Bolger ⋅

    Hi Kathleen, I wish I had something truly encouraging or profound to say, but find myself at a loss for words. Please know I follow your journey here and am a better person for it. Your determination is pretty contagious. Looking forward to seeing you at a Zonta event soon!

  4. Deanne Croft ⋅

    Hi Kathleen – I’ve been reading the blog and have been awed by your strength and determination – hang in there, you’ve come so far. You and Mike are such an impressive team (I’m not referring to Mike’s IT skills though those are remarkable too!) and when I read about your difficult days, I am relieved to know you have such a wonderful partner by your side. It was very cool that you were able to have a beach day – the pics were wonderful! I am hopeful that you will have easier days ahead. Deanne

  5. Jill ⋅

    Hello dear Kathleen and Mike,

    I want to thank you both for just being such thoughtful and amazing people. I have returned from some quiet days by the water up at beautiful Lac Heney, Quebec enjoying some simple pleasures. I swam every day and went for a nice paddle in the canoe today with my sister, Anne. As we were paddling along the shoreline, we saw three little minks scurrying around in the water and eventually running up a hill on dry land to get away from the “canoe monsters”. 😉 Earlier in the day from a bit of a distance we saw an adorable playful loon having the best time diving and flapping its wings and almost doing somersaults … putting on such a delightful show. At various times through the day, we were thinking of you both and remarking on how special it was to have spent time with you during our recent trip to the Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge area. Thank you for your warmth and friendship to our family. You are both very dear people. We are hoping for some better days ahead for you. Continue to stay strong and positive. Keeping you close in thought.
    Big hugs,


  6. Teresa MacDonald ⋅

    Hi Kathleen & Mike – although it was not long enough, I thoroughly enjoyed the time we got to spend together Kathleen, you are truly an inspiration to us all. Mike, I did not really get to spend much time with you but based on everything I saw and have heard – you truly are an amazing person, Kath – he is a keeper. Hopeful that you will get a least a little stronger before heading into the chemo. Once that is done and you are strong enough – I will head down for another visit. Kathleen, Mike and Elaine – you are all in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love cuz

  7. Lynne ⋅

    Know that I am thinking of you. Give Orville a scritch for me – you know where (could be belly, could be base of tail – either make him turn inside out). Think hug.

  8. Anita ⋅

    Hi Kathleen,
    I’ve been away on vacation, so I haven’t kept up on your blog. Congrats on completing your radiation treatment — that is a great milestone.
    I love the magazine cover!
    I hope you are having a better day today. You are regularly in my thoughts — keep up your fight.
    Hopefully it will work out to come by for a visit sometime soon and I can tell you about my recent travels.
    Take care,

  9. Alice Nabalamba ⋅

    Hi Kathleen and Mike!
    How are you holding up? the trip to Japan was quite exhausting and now I have to return in about 3 days. it will still be about 5 days when I actually arrive back in Tunis. The trip is about 28 hours between flying and layovers here and there. I am in the south west of the country and it is quite warm for this time of the year. temperatures are still in the mid 30s as early as 9:00 am. but they are also getting a lot of rain. Its very green everywhere, it reminds of parts of Ontario with dense forest coverage in places. its now 10:40 pm and possibly about 8:40 am Waterloo time. so you can see, the time difference is quite large. i hope today is a better day for you than yesterday. see you soon. Alice

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