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Hey, I Thought we had a Deal?!?

The early Simpsons episodes had some great moments in them.  The one I sometimes think of is Homer’s take on the 5 stages of grief. (23 second clip, worth a giggle  I have been thinking of the “bargaining” stage post radiation treatments.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the nice thing about going through the daily treatments is that you feel like you are making progress. Like one of those old school counters, you feel like you’re moving forward clicking over with each blast. Zap, click… zap, click. Progress. But you are seductively sucked into thinking there is some “deal” or “bargain” with the universe that it will somehow work. “OK universe, I zap the shit out of my guts, and you will make me cancer free and I will be better, right ?” I guess deep inside, I sort of feel that way with Kath’s radiation treatments, except of course, there is no deal, there is no bargain and the universe has no customer service department to complain.
Friday was definitely another low point. Kathleen was one barf away from being re-admitted to the hospital. I wont go into the gory details, but after 24hrs of not eating anything at all, its rather disconcerting to throw up a good quantity of something. After the second episode that morning, she agreed to call the cancer center if it happened again. After the 3rd she did and they said after the 4th, she will need to go to Emerg. Luckily no 4th. Then Saturday, a little better. A little food eaten, a little less pain. A bit more bites of food and a car ride to Sears to get a new vacuum cleaner

Summer walk

Sunday, well, not worse. Enough improvement to go on a very slow walk to enjoy the August evening sun.
Hopefully things will continue to improve like they have over the past 2 days, but if not, well no refunds eh ?


About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

5 responses to “Hey, I Thought we had a Deal?!?

  1. jacquie and mike ⋅

    Hey Kathleen and Mike, thnking of you always. love you…hugs

  2. Maureen ⋅

    Hang in there Kathleen. I have to say, you always look so good and healthy in the pictures! So glad that Mike is posting them. Thinking about you all the time and sending positive healing vibes up your way. Much love,

  3. Lynne ⋅

    Well, humph…. if I thought I had any ‘pull,’ I would write a really nasty memo upstairs.

    Hang in there and think hug, both of you.

  4. judy ⋅

    Hi Mike and Kathleen,
    We missed you at the airport this year. 21 years of cherished send offs and greetings. DId the ususal airport stuff and reivisited a few past episodes… remember when…. Glad we could connect , albiet old school ,public telephone of which there are plenty after customs.
    love Judy

  5. Jill ⋅

    A warm hello to you Kathleen and Mike,

    How precious to see your sweet Orville standing by you Kathleen, and supporting you. Such a gentle and sweet photo!

    Thank you Mike and Kathleen for continuing to share your story through the better days and the tough ones too. It means so much that you make the time to reach out and make us smile and laugh, see and read about tender moments and then have the odd “allergy attack/watery eyes” situation. My thoughts continue to be with you every day.

    Big hugs,

    ~ Jill

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