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Well, I think the Dr. was more grim about things than I took it to be. Perhaps because I was preparing for worst case. The CT scan confirmed the cancer has spread again. Lymph nodes in her neck (we knew that) and one in her aortic abdomen (we didn’t know). Of course you ask, ‘so in terms of prognosis, what does this mean?’ “When it spreads, its a game changer…” Well, you don’t want to hear that, but then again, it already had spread to her pancreas from before. So its bad, but it was not a surprise.
Can she recover? The Dr. gave an unequivocal “I don’t know”
One thing we do know is that it is possible. From the duodenal cancer group, we know of a few people that are Kathleen’s age and condition who beat this, so its not impossible. Just don’t know how probable.
Originally she was supposed to start next week with the chemo cocktail, but we asked if we could start today. So she did. Day One today. Literally the big fight now. We are really happy Kath started today as we feel we are at least doing something and not giving up.

update: The drugs Kathleen is taking is a combo of 3 called Folfox.  In a couple of months, the chemo Dr. will re-assess and perhaps we could look at Avastin.



About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

12 responses to “Fight!

  1. Fiona

    Hi Kathleen, it was great to see you this week. Despite the crappy news, I’m really glad you were able to start chemo today! We’re rooting for you.

  2. Maureen ⋅

    Thanks again for sharing the news. Can you share what chemo Kathleen will be on? I am really happy to hear about POSSIBLE and how others have also beat this. Kathleen, keep hanging in there. You are doing great and you can beat this.
    Sending much love,

  3. Maureen ⋅

    Oh… but one thing… you don’t have to be strong. I ALWAYS hated when people told me to be strong as I was going through treatment. I mean really… who the heck are you to tell me to be strong?!?! So… be what you want to be!!!

    • Hehe, you are hilarious Maureen 🙂
      Drugs are folfox
      Might add Avastin later

    • the dog wokker ⋅

      Here, here, Maureen…..aint that the truth……scream from the rooftops, run naked in the streets, cry until you turn blue, sing songs of happiness, pray, meditate, curse and dance…..but pleeessssse,….really be yourself…..we people never know what to say ….sometimes silence is golden.

  4. judy ⋅

    Hi Mike,
    A new trajectory for the chemo drugs. Good you were able to start them today. ‘ Game on Cancer!!

  5. Jennifer Corbett ⋅

    Hi K and M,
    Rooting for you- go Team K!
    Love, and more love to you both.
    Jennifer xo

  6. Terry and Colleen ⋅

    Sorry we’ve not been able to post as of late, been disconnected for awhile, but certainly are thoughts have been with you daily. There is no greater love and inspiration than we’ve ever seen, between you. You have this on your side for sure this week and always!

  7. anne paterson ⋅

    good morning Kathleen and Mike. I’m sorry to hear that Kathleen’s cancer has spread. What a great team supporting you that is able to start chemo treatments right away. We all know people who have beaten the odds, you mention that there were several others who have had these lumps and the chemo worked on them. I believe Kathleen will be one of those people, she is such a fighter and Mike your fighting right along side her too. The ‘possible’ is due in a large part to HOPE and I think Kathleen has a lot of that. Without hope, you shut down your mind and that feeds the body. Your blogs bring us into your journey so that we can share it with you even though it isn’t always possible for us to be with you physically. We are all ‘hoping’ right with you ! Big hugs to you both.

  8. Brock & Michele ⋅

    Dear Kathleen & Mike…… sorry to hear this news. Stay strong and keep fighting, you can beat this. Please know that you guys are always in our thoughts. Lots of love to you both xoxo

  9. Anne Domitrovits ⋅

    Dear Kathleen and Mike, thank you for keeping us posted and up to date with life’s curves. Many of the members of the Aunt Pat and Kathleen McSpurren fan club are gathered and are sending heaps of loving support, thoughts and prayers to you.
    We are in your corner and cheering you on. Like loving lions hear us roar! Much love and support, The Legaults

  10. Jacqui Chisamore (nee MacSpurren) ⋅

    Kathleen, I was so sorry to hear this news. Not sure if you would remember meeting me as a child. My dad & yours were cousins, we were living in Almonte and spent time together when we were younger. After Dad died we lost touch with his family, but I have always remembered your smile. My thoughts & prayers will be with you!

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