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Trying to Make Lemonaide

I kind of hate that expression (if life gives you lemons, make lemonaide), but then again we hate this situation. Still, we are trying to look for some light in these dark places and we do find it sometimes. After that gloomy post, I didnt want to leave the impression that we are sitting in the dark with our heads down. There are of course times like that, but we try and make the best of what we can. Its funny, as a kid, I hated the expression “just as good” which was my mother’s way of saying, “look, this is all we have and we will do the best we can with it.” Thanks Ma, that little life lesson is coming in very handy to cope with all this.

Also coming in handy are the extra pain meds. (Thanks Team Pain!) As Kath is not so worried about popping them like M&Ms its helped her to get a pretty pain free afternoon. Less pain means less clenching of her gut, which means less nausea which means more of an appetite. Once we finished at the Cancer Center, we had a nice drive together to go pick up her gravol order. Blasted a bit of Alice Russel, some St. Germain Electronica and LoFi. Then a walk to uptown Waterloo, and then upto Columbia Lake to play ball with Orville. Another perfect late August evening and thanks to the new pain meds, out of cancer’s shadow for just a bit to allow us to make our own.


About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

5 responses to “Trying to Make Lemonaide

  1. Stacee Forrester ⋅

    Hi there,

    You are two of the bravest souls I know right now, and I for one have not thought about you sitting in the dark with your heads down. Instead I think and feel that you are sharing light through all that you are going through by telling your story, not keeping it all hidden away, but sharing, which in turn makes the darkness fade away. I hope you are feeling okay tonight, without too much pain and that you are able to get some sleep.

    Thinking about you and warm thoughts your way,


  2. Jill ⋅

    Dear Kathleen and Mike,

    Your positive outlooks and your ability to see your way through some darkness is simply remarkable and inspiring. I see you both as people who are sharing a journey very openly and honestly and finding so many bright lights through it all and making the most of every moment. That is amazing! I love this silhouette photo. For me I see it partly as two loving people who are towers of strength for each other. And then of course your delightful furry companion Orville is sitting there alongside … just being his sweet self and being present for you.

    Big hugs and sending all good wishes for many bright moments.

    ~ Jill

  3. Rosemary ⋅

    This is a lovely photo and it represents your journey in so many ways – you are letting the light shine and you are sharing your strength with your large support group who sit in your shadow.

  4. Lidia ⋅

    Kathleen & Mike

    Your post are so inspiring. You always know how to make the best of every situation and that is very important. I am happy to hear that the meds are helping Kathleen and that she is getting a little bit of REAL food. It is important to make the best of every situation because it bring positive energy and takes the stress from Kathleen. Mike you are Kathleen’s rock she couldn’t do this without you. Love the pics and thanks for taking the time to share your journey with us.

    Cheering you both every step of the way!!!!!

  5. Fran Fisher ⋅

    Hello Kathleen and Mike. Such a difficult journey, but please know that we carry you in our hearts and prayers every day. Your strength is an inspiration. Sleep well tonight. Hugs. Fran

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