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Flinstones Dance Step

Its hard sometimes to know if Kathleen is making progress or slipping back. There are of course days like last Monday when she found those lumps, and last Friday where the Dr. used the phrase “game changer”…. Then there are days like yesterday and today where she started to feel a little better as the chemo effects wore off and, even better, the lymph nodes shrunk a bit. Although still evident, they are definitely smaller. There is way less pain for her and we can qualitatively see the difference in size. We met with the radiation oncologist yesterday and “Team Pain” today. Both seemed to think the shrinkage was due to the chemo and not the steroids… That would seem to be steps forward. Today’s technology will never kill them off, but if they can be kept in check… Well, its something to hope for…. But, there is a but. Of course there is always a but. She might not be tolerating the FOLFOX. One of her side effects over the weekend was a lot of chest pain, which could be indicative of stress on her heart…. Or not. So in round two, when the chest pain comes back, we will have to go for an EKG to make sure its not a cardiac issue and just some strange side effect. So, we are kind of like the Flintstones Dance Step. X steps forward, Y back. (Thanks Keith for finding and thinking of the pic!)

Arthur Quarry Dance School

Are we moving forward ? Sidesways ? Backwards ? Too early to tell really. We also heard today that the hospital has the paperwork underway to secure funding for Kath’s Avastin. This is sort of news to us as our Chemo Dr. mentioned we might add it later in October depending on how the FOLFOX goes. Not sure if he assumes the reactions have been too much for her, or with the distant metastatic spread he wants to add it sooner rather than later.
So still a very frightening future, but she has a bit of a chance to catch her breath before next week. Plus with some more tools to deal with the side effects (eg. insulin pen), we are a little more optimistic about weathering through round two.


About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

10 responses to “Flinstones Dance Step

  1. Kristin ⋅

    Hi Kath & Mike!
    The blog is a fantastic idea – so great to be able to follow Kathleen’s progress. Gramps has been keeping me posted as best as he can but its really wonderful to read Mike’s detailed updates. I wish I could be there. Just wanted to let you know I think of you often (truly) and have nothing but positive thoughts and prayers. Love you xoxo

  2. judy ⋅

    Hi Mike and Kathleen,
    Its great you can focus on healing and other people are looking out for you on the medical details front – like the paperwork for the new drug. sounds like you have a great team and everyone is cheering for you.
    Love Judy

  3. Colleen and Terry ⋅

    Hello Kathleen and Mike, each day we check your writings and each day become more inspired. Thank you for taking the time in your journey to keep us informed. Today I thought of Lee Ann Womack’s song, “I Hope You Dance”. Keep dancing. Thinking of you every day, and hope to see you soon. Colleen

  4. Sharon McConnell ⋅

    Hi Kathleen and Mike,

    That’s great that there have been some steps forward (even with the ‘but’ that follows). My feeling is not worrying that there is a but that follows, but being more worried about how big that butt (oops … I mean but) is!! 🙂

    It’s inspiring how the two of you are maintaining a postive outlook and embracing the ‘good news’ moments. I’m so glad to hear Kathleen is feeling better as the chemo effects wear off. She is often a topic in the lunchroom here as everyone in Stats and at SRC is thinking of her and interested to know how she is doing. We miss her smiling face and upbeat attitude. Would love to see the two of you sometime (as would all the other SRC folks). Let us know when you’re feeling up for having lunch or for having visitors.

  5. ~ Jill ⋅

    Dear Kathleen and Mike,

    I smile just thinking of the two of you. Your ability to stay positive, to keep on keeping on and to make the most of each and every day in spite of some incredible ups and downs, is so inspiring. Our family is blessed for knowing the both of you and for the honour of being part of your circle of people who love and care about you. I totally love the Flintstones Dance analogy. 🙂 You continue to amaze us and keep our hearts smiling. ❤

  6. Kathleen and Mike
    Had to look up the flintstones reference – before my time I guess 🙂 The last few updates were a bit diffcult to read, so very glad to hear some good(er) news. Keep on posting so I can continue to be there with you guys. Let us know if you need some help around the house.. ‘have vacation days – will travel’.
    Wishing you well,
    -Jim (and Amy)

  7. Richard ⋅

    Thanks for keeping us informed. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for the best outcome.

  8. Carl Miller ⋅

    keep hanging in there. The wierd side effects can be just that. Today they almost reduced my FolFox because of the neurapathy – but after discussion did not (thank God). Kath – I am on round 5 and the side effects are reducing each round. I will kep my fingers crossed for both of you.


  9. js ford ⋅

    Thinking of you today. Be well!


  10. Debora Smith ⋅

    Wow – Mike is becoming a cancer expert! How wonderful to have such a loving partner and advocate, going through this with you. Keep fighting, Kathleen – I know it must be exhausting. We miss you at Zonta! First meeting of the new year next week – and planning underway for our film festival in November. We are all rooting for you!! Debora Smith

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