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Coming out of a Tough Week to a Better Day

Its better. A lot better actually. Last week was pretty rough. The chemo symptoms were lingering and didnt want to go away in the usual time. Then Kath got a sinus infection last Thursday that was really knocking her back physically and emotionally. She usually gets them this time of year with all the weather changes and the furnace coming on for the season. But of course the combo of the chemo and the sinus infection made it pretty difficult. So anti-biotics and some goop to shoot up her nose. Of course the anti-biotics are moving through her guts like a Montreal hockey riot, so a return to the cramps and the WC is once again her favorite room. But then today was better. Her normal voice again, and back to a decent amount of energy. Enough to go to Wellfit and enough to go on a short dog walk tonight in the almost English fog.

But the best news was the positive reaction from the chemo doc this morning and the blood work. I dont think we will ever see him “excited” or “happy” or use words like “cured” … but he did say it was “positive” that Kathleen was “clinically responding” to the drugs. We will put that in the win column. There was some concern her platelets would be too low, but they were good too. So all is a go for her normal treatment on Friday. Feeling better heading into Chemo day is huge for Kathleen. Of course for me too.

About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

11 responses to “Coming out of a Tough Week to a Better Day

  1. jacquie and mike ⋅

    so good to speak to you the other day. We can’t wait to visit you both for your anniversary…love and hugs

    • Jennifer Corbett ⋅

      Hi Kathleen and Mike,
      Glad things are looking brighter, Kathleen! Must be so frustrating to be dealing with chemo, etc and then to get a pesky sinus infection-ughhh.
      Thanks for the invitation to your anniversary party-you are such a precious twosome-and fierce to boot! I will be there for sure. Unfortunately Stephen has a fundraiser for Covenant House (the youth shelter for which he is board chair). He has to spend the night out on the street with a bunch of business types. Should make for some interesting stories!
      Big hugs to you both…thinking of you as always! xoxo

  2. I am so glad to hear that things are on the upside! The fog is up here too…. very English countryside… Super surreal dog walking weather indeed.


  3. anne paterson ⋅

    yeah ! such a spunky inspiring woman. look at the light in her eyes… keep staying strong and putting out those positive vibes. Big hugs to you both.

  4. Terry and Colleen ⋅

    Kathleen and Mike, we are looking forward to celebrating with you on your anniversary. Such good news to read about the positive report from your doctor too. Not surprising though Kathleen, you are such a super heroine. Those sinus nasties you didn’t need, but another beautiful pic shows you are beating that too! Hugs, Colleen and Terry

  5. Valerie ⋅

    The two of you are ROCK STARS!! I’m inspired by your faith, love for each other, and continuing perseverance.

    MUCH love, prayers, and positive energy continuing to come your way!

  6. Kathleen and Mike — you are both such an inspiration to us all. Your faith, positive attitude, evident love for each other, and “fu cancer” attitude are infectious. MUCH love, prayers and positive energy continuing to come your way. Hugs, Valerie

  7. ~ Jill ⋅

    Dear Kathleen and Mike,

    It is great to read your latest news. Not so great about the sinus infection and then the old antibiotic quick-step to the WC. Certainly not the most friendly of germs and unwelcome to be sure. If there is anyone in this world who is showing the most remarkable strength through adversity and always seeing the glass more than half full, it is you two. You’re amazing! You both remind me constantly of one very sure thing … the power of love is an incredible. Sending big hugs and lots of love your way. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    xx ~

  8. Lidia ⋅

    That is great new Kathleen glad to hear that you got some positive results to lift your spirits. You inspire us with your positive attitude and perseverance. You are always in my thoughts prayers.These updates are always appreciated Mike and the lovely pictures too.


  9. Nancy Croth ⋅

    Great shot of Kathleen! She still has that twinkle in spite of all she has gone through!

  10. Catherine Bolger ⋅

    Your posts are so positive, even when they contain some pretty heavy news. Thinking of you today as you go to yet another treatment – you must feel like a pin cushion! Gotta tell you, I love the eye glasses, Miss Funky.

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