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Chemo Holiday

Pain is much better under control this afternoon and feeling mobile enough to go out for a coffee with Jan at the Nougat.  Always a perfect place to enjoy a fine black coffee (me, Jan) and tea (kathleen).  Thanks to Jan for taking this photo!


About In the Cancer Bubble

I am Kathleen's partner of almost 25yrs supporting her through this very tough and rough spot.

5 responses to “Chemo Holiday

  1. jacquie and mike ⋅

    Great photo. happy your day is going well…hugs

  2. Nancy Croth ⋅

    Beautiful! hat a great photo!!!

  3. mybestfriendchasessquirrels ⋅

    Now thats a great pic!! Pain, pain go away come back another day…..this popped in my head …its the second verse to rain, rain go away. …except now that I look at it….best it doesnt come back another day….oh well you get the gist of it. Let your chemo holiday give your body a chance to reguvenate & build your natural defences. My Mom gets chemo holidays every so often and she goes bat-ass crazy….in a good way….she gets alot of things done because many of her side effects dissipate. I know lots of people dont want to hear/see the side of treatment…..your blog does a wonderful service showing people how cancer is treated. My Mom doesnt pull any punches either and I dont expect her to….she did that telling me the facts of life…..glossed over some of the “nuances”…..ha, ha. Thanks for throwing in all of the facts of life…..because battling (hate that word) you dont battle….having your cells cancer & receiving treatment to stop your cells from further cancering… part of life. A really shitty, sucky, not fair, why is this happening, part ……….that can/will happen to us when this “part of life” comes our way. When my Mom is having a tough day…..and I NEVER know what to do or say (hey I rhyme!)…..I tell her …..”hey, you are still in the “land of the living” ……so just live today and worry about dying tomorrow”. Of course, this only makes me feel better…….I should have gone to medical school I guess….though I am pretty happy in my blissful ignorant state. Don’t knock it til you try it……ignorance is bliss!!! Hey, who turned on the lights outside….these sunny days are blinding me.

  4. Colleen and Terry ⋅

    What a lovely picture, as always, Kathleen, so photogenic! We are so glad you are feeling a little better. Elaine and I are enjoying some gal time, and goofing off. I want to thank Jan and Diane, for those yummy chocolates, we indulged in a decadent pizza, and wine and the chocolates last night and watched Silver Lining Playbook. Interesting and gripping movie. Enjoy the ordination today, it’s a beautiful day! Love and positive vibes coming your way, Love Colleen and Mom

  5. Jill ⋅

    Dear Kathleen and Mike, Such a beautiful photo capturing such beautiful souls. Thank you for sharing this special and touching moment with us. May the sun keep shining on you and for you and warm and brighten your days. Sending hugs of friendship and love your way, XO Jill

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