There is now a small (well, not so small) bump on Kathleen’s spine. ‘Pitted’ when pressed meaning there is fluid present. You sort of wonder why it didn’t show up on the MRI/CT. Although to be fair, the radiologist did note “fluid.” So tomorrow its yet another image, this time with a special gallium contrast. Then they are going to try and drain a bit of it to examine the fluid in detail. We got the sense there was probably a lot of back and forth between the neurologist and the main chemo doc as to the relative dangers (fluid escaping into or out of the spine) and benefits (understanding how to better treat it). So they will guide the needle via ultrasound to do it carefully as possible. Here is hoping….. Well, hoping for not just answers, but treatable answers.

Kath is tired, scared, anxious about the procedure, anxious to do it as soon as possible. As I mentioned previously, the pain is really starting to wear her down. She has a lot of strength to her, and thankfully, an amazing healthcare TEAM looking after her. All the nurses are really great, some double plus great. Its such a relief to leave at night not having to worry will she get the care she needs when I am not there. Having that trust / faith is so invaluable at a time like this.

Photo 2013-03-04 8 19 29 PM Patient Needs Help


Going home!

Dropped in to see Kath on the way to work so I was able to hear the good news from the doctor she can go home today!
As she can swallow food and pills again they are comfortable switching her antibiotics to pill form. So, a work from home day with Kathleen! Betty will be most happy to have her chair warmer next to her again 🙂