Going home!

Dropped in to see Kath on the way to work so I was able to hear the good news from the doctor she can go home today!
As she can swallow food and pills again they are comfortable switching her antibiotics to pill form. So, a work from home day with Kathleen! Betty will be most happy to have her chair warmer next to her again 🙂


It was back to emerge this morning to get the ultrasound. For some strange bureaucratic reason we had to go there instead of the regular admissions process at imaging. Not a big deal but added more time to the process. Again an amazing draw of staff today. Super nice nurses and a very kind doctor. Ultrasound didn’t show any scary things either so that’s good. But….. Always a but. The fever remains as does the pain, fast heart rate (135) and her extreme fatigue. It really has been the lowest she has been since coming out of surgery where she has essentially slept for 3 days. So we have to admit defeat for this round and agree to be admitted to the cancer ward in the hospital. While my amateur bush medic skills can deal with many of the technical yet simple processes, dealing with potential infections and cardiac issues are not part of my skill set. Kath knows it too so she did not protest too much.
She will be up on the cancer ward which is pretty strict about infection and scent control (no flowers, no strong perfume, no one with colds etc). Actually if you want to cheer her up, send her an email with some pics if possible of something “Christmassy”…. And I mean that in the broadest sense of the word. Be that throngs of shoppers at the temple of wall&mart or more traditional religious institutions 😉 or snowy winter scenes or a wonderful family picture…. Or even off the wall to the point where it’s not clear if its the drugs clouding her eyes 🙂
Really, all the emails, blog comments cards are all very much appreciated by both of us. To know that so many people think and care really does help. While we put our trust in science to fight the cancer, the love and support we get from our friends and community keeps that fight alive