Sleepy Grey Sunday

Had to catch up on sleep this morning so didn’t get over to the hospital until later than normal. Luckily Kath’s mum is here in town and is a huge, indispensable help and presence in our lives throughout this. We spell each other off and she gives the type of care only a mother can. For example she doesn’t jab Kathleen in the ribs when she sleeps too much. I am kidding of course. Elaine does it too. But you know what I mean 🙂
I forgot how quiet the hospital is on weekends. Generally no one gets discharged and no elective procedures of course. The emerge department is very much isolated from the hospital so we see none of that here. The oncology ward is also much newer than the old Surgery ward Kath spent 7 weeks in. Where as it was designed with a Soviet era aesthetic, Oncology inpatient is the Ikea ward. White pine wood trim everywhere. It really is quite deluxe in comparison. At one point when we were watching Netflix shows on the ipad, it occurred to me to go get some food downstairs. However, the feeling was reminiscent of being at a resort and heading to the buffet. Seeing the IV tree quickly dispels any such notion, but it was fun to briefly entertain it.
Kath is back on the Nabilone, which is a synthetic marijuana drug. She finds it works well to control her nausea. Biologically it works different than gravol or the other drugs to fight nausea. As I wrote the other day, all drugs have various side effects and trade offs, some worse than others. This one does make her a little stoned. Not that I am saying I did any drugs when I was younger to know, like between the ages of 16 and 21, but let’s say if I did, I would recognize this as typical stoner talk. As she gets a wave of tiredness, a non sequitur might pop up out of nowhere. “Did I loose my black and white makeup bag?”… They are just waking dreams of sorts and all have been pleasant enough for her. Certainly much better than barfing! And nothing like those scary ketamine hallucinations from the surgery ward.
No word on when she might get to go home. Perhaps when they are a little more confident the gut pain has gone down and she is moving things again on her own
Here she is feeling the love of everyone both near and far!
Kitchener-20121216-00260(perhaps feeling a bit of the Nabilone too!)